13 May, 2007

SPIRIT WEEK at Benedictine Academy

Each year, students and staff represent the Green Team and the White Team, the school's official colors, for a week-long series of competitive fun. This year, our delightful History Teacher, Miss Katie Dotson, on the final day of the events, unleashed her surprise of white overalls for her team!!!! Benedictine Academy leads the way as "one sacred community", our school theme for 2006-2007.

Blue Angels retreat in the Ramapo Mountains

The Blue Angels were the guests of Sister Donna Jo's Franciscan Sisters in Ringwood, New Jersey on Friday, May 11th . It was a beautiful day to retreat on over 8o acres of God's creation in the Ramapo Mountains. The highlight of the day was walking the labyrinth, a meditation path that mirrors the labyrinths of Ancient Greece. The Blue Angels, a Sophomore Campus Ministry Group, made rosary beads, prayed, visited with a few of the Sisters,

and rolled down the hill sharing laughter and joy. It was a blessed day enjoyed by all.