27 January, 2011

Students In Action Workshop

We had the awesome privilege of having Ms.Karen Hatcher, Regional Director of the Jefferson Award Student In Action Program, visit with our Student Leadership Team at Benedictine Academy. The main topic of discussion was how to write an effective Power Letter. Our students learned the finer points of communication through the art of the written word:
It is of critical importance to Think BIG - The Power of an Idea and be passionate.
  1. Grasp the reader's attention in the first paragraph.
  2. The ASK
  3. The details and key supporters
  4. Thank You and Next Step
Empowered with this valuable knowledge, they went to work to ask for support of their upcoming CPR training program, Child Slavery in the Chocolate Industry, and Anti-Bullying Program. Together, with people who believe in the human dignity of each person, we can and are doing something to make our world a better place.

16 January, 2011


Encouraging altruism and saving lives is in the fibre of our school community. The Blood Center of New Jersey visited our campus this past Thursday. Due to the outstanding efforts of our JSA Club, staff and students (over the age of 16) signed up to donate blood. "For every pint of blood donated, there is a potential to save three lives!"

"It is estimated that 75% of the population will need blood at some point in their lifetime. Yet less than 5% of the eligible population donates!"

Whether their blood is given to meet the needs of patients being treated for traumas, cancer or other medical needs, at Benedictine Academy we believe we have a shared responsibility to help the needs of our local communities. Together, we can and are making a difference.

11 January, 2011

National Human Trafficking Day

02 January, 2011

Wishing you a Good New Year!

New Years bring new beginnings and new hope for our relationships, jobs, health, the economy and a peace-filled world. Here are a few insights from the great spiritual masters that Rev. James Martin, S.J., author and Culture Editor of America Magazine, has adapted for his own life. They spoke to us and we hope a few speak to your heart as well.