06 June, 2010

RCIA at St. Catherine of Siena Church

We were pleased to celebrate with nine of our students who received the Sacraments at our neighboring parish yesterday. Bishop Cruz anointed the young people with the Holy Spirit and Father Aurelio offered the body and blood of Jesus for the very first time to many who participated in the RCIA program.
It was a moving experience to hear the voices of many different cultures pray the Our Father in their own languages as the apostles had done over 2,000 years ago in the Upper Room on the day of Pentecost. Bishop Cruz challenged the young people to live their faith boldly, noting that today was only the first day of their new faith journey with the Lord.

At Benedictine Academy, we teach that prayer and Eucharist lead to Spiritual fulfillment. We also believe and proclaim that Jesus Christ is the First Teacher in our school. Faith is fully operative in our hallways and classroom. It is the reason for our existence and the guiding force in over 95 years of academic excellence. We are proud to be a Catholic High School and give thanks to God for the opportunity to serve Him.

Baccalaureate Mass

The Benedictine Sisters celebrated Mass with our Graduates of the Class of 2010 at the St. Walburga Monastery this past week. Our dear friends, Father James Worth and Monsignor William Hatcher, filled the Chapel with beautiful song and an inspiring homily to our graduating Seniors.

It is a Benedictine Tradition to honor one of our graduating Seniors with the coveted St. Scholastica Award at the Baccalaureate Mass. This award is given to a student who exemplifies the character and good works of St. Scholastica, twin sister of St. Benedict. Although there are many seniors students who have displayed strong academic and service leadership in the past year, there was one student whose achievements were truly outstanding. Priscille Dossekou, a Bloustein Scholar, Peer Mentor, Athlete, and member of the National Honor Society was awarded a bond and St. Scholastica icon from Sister Sharon McHugh, the prioress of the Benedictine Sisters.

We were also blessed to have Alumnus, Ericka Davis, Class of 2007, join Sister Germaine and Senior Graduate Jenice Caldwell, '10 in leading the Alma Mater. Ericka is the daughter of our beloved Bishop Luke Davis. She is presently in the midst of recording an album with her sister and mom in memory of Rev. Luke Davis, who sadly passed away last year.

Hail Benedictine Hail to Thee!

O let our voices raise.

A song of love and loyalty, forever in thy Praise.

The happiness which you have giv'n

We shall remember all our days.

Benedictine in our hearts

We'll hold you dear always.

Sisters of the Spirit - S. O. S.

Sisters of the Spirit. our Junior Campus Ministers, recently were on a two day retreat at the Franciscan Spirituality Center in Ringwood to pray and be trained as the new Peer Mentors for the upcoming academic school year of 2010 -2011. Sister Donna Jo, a Franciscan Sister, and Mrs. Michalski, a Third Order Dominican, are our Campus Ministry Moderators. Following in the footsteps of Jesus, they led our students away to the mountains to hear God's Word and give an intensive twelve hour leadership training session in Peer Mentoring. "The hills were alive with the sound of music" as their hearts and souls were filled with the Spirit of the Lord. Although they worked hard and long hours, there was plenty of time for enjoying the beautiful grounds tucked away in the Ramapo Mountains.

Hail Mary Full of Grace

During the month of May, the month of the Blessed Mother, we honored Mary by placing fresh flowers before our beautiful statute in the entrance way of the school. Each day, students of every Religion Class brought their heartfelt prayers before Mary asking for her intercession with her Son, Jesus.
At Benedictine Academy, we believe in the power of prayer. It is a Benedictine Tradition to begin all good works by asking for our Lord's blessing. Every day, we gather together as a community and join our voices in solidarity for the needs of the world, the Church, our communities, families, and our absent sisters and brothers. After proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord, we pray Our Lord's Prayer.
P R A Y E R is one of the greatest gifts of Catholic Education. It is our hope, our strength, our calling upon Jesus to be in our midst as we gather in His Name. How blessed are we at Benedictine Academy!