25 July, 2010

Support Mother Teresa

There is a movement underway to give voice to honoring Mother Teresa with the lighting of the twin towers in blue and white on August 26. On this day, the U.S. Postal Service will honor her with a stamp, marking the 100th anniversary of her birth.
For more information, check the Archdiocesan and Current News section of Linda Michalski's Teacher Web Page:

Sneak Preview

Hi Everyone. I thought you might enjoy a sneak preview of our new Podcasts to be introduced in September by Campus Ministry. They are inspirational messages based on the wisdom of St. Benedict. The Podcast link will be found on my Teacher Web Page: Linda Michalski.

Today's podcast are a reflection by John McQuiston II from his book, As Always We Begin Again. We hope you have a wonderful summer. May God Bless You.

15 July, 2010

Stand Up for Love

Brittany, a member of our Gospel Choir, was inspired to use her talents to write and record a song to Stand Up for Love. Although the song can be used for many social justice issues, Brittany decided to take a stand to help eradicate malaria. Campus Ministry raised several hundred dollars this spring to purchase medicine and mosquito nets for the Malaria No More Foundation in New York City. This year, the Summer Olympic Soccer Teams also took a stand together to raise funds for this preventable disease. At Benedictine Academy, we believe it is our moral and social responsibility to respond to the cry of those in need. Catch a glimpse of a one minute clip from the voice recording in Track Three Sound Recording Studio in Cranford and raw video footage by graduate Elizabeth Bukiron, Class of 2010.