29 January, 2010


"The Rally for Life March in Washington D.C. was a phenomenal experience", says Senior Vanessa Devia. People of all ages, from infants to the elderly, joined together to walk for the Right to Life on January 22. Sister Lauren Trinh led 17 BA Students, with St. Benedicts Prep, to come together as a Benedictine family to walk for the rights of the unborn. At Benedictine Academy, we believe in the dignity of every human being, in or out of the womb. Social Justice is part of who we are and speaking out as a voice for the voiceless is our duty, our privilege, our honor.


This year the Religion Department has introduced a new spiritual component to its curriculum called the Nooma Hour. Nooma means "Breath of the Spirit". Each month, a different theme is selected to reflect the liturgical calendar and the classroom is transformed into a sacred place of prayer. Listen to what students are saying: "The teachings of Jesus Christ and Nooma has helped me understand myself and become closer to God." "I am able to reflect on my life and get closer to God." "Nooma connects me to what is going on in my life and understand where God is in the middle of it all." At Benedictine Academy, we believe Jesus Christ is the first teacher of every classroom. How blessed are we to be able to freely acknowledge the one true Lord of our lives!


The Spirit is alive at Benedictine Academy. We are blessed to have 14 students who are working with Sr. Donna Jo, Mrs. Michalski, St. Catherine of Siena and the local parishes to receive their sacraments. Our students know that the sacraments offer a deeper encounter with God. They are excited to be baptized into the faith, receive the real presence of the body and blood of Jesus, experience the healing of reconciliation, and be empowered with the Holy Spirit to spread the faith like the apostles in the Upper room. We invited our students to know Jesus in a deeper way, and they said yes". How beautiful is that!


The Good News at Benedictine Academy: Our school has been awarded a grant to purchase the latest technological equipment, cutting-edge software for all the computers throughout the school, and will receive professional training and mentorship in film production. We were recently selected by Free the Children as an Adobe Youth Voices participant for the year 2010. Our BA Students join a global network of schools in the United States, Canada, London and India. They will be expressing their ideas about important social issues and have their voices heard world-wide through the use of 21st century media. Adobe Youth Voices gives BA another creative and exciting way to enhance our students' academic experience.

START OF A NEW DECADE: 10/10 in 2010

"IT IS THE START OF A NEW DECADE AND A TIME FOR CHANGE!". Our O Ambassador Club at BA is joining the Free the Children movement and accepting the challenge. Our students are leading the way by committing to do 10 actions in the year 2010 and be the change in the world.

We are actively living the Golden Rule to restore compassion to humanity. "Treat one another as you would like to be treated." "Respect one another." "Put an end to all hatred and violence." "Be courageous." "Help alleviate suffering."

Thanks to the generous support of Aviva, when we commit to doing 10 actions Aviva will donate $10 on our behalf to a Free The Children community overseas. Check out this link and catch the Good Karma: http://www.giveyour10.com/

Letters to the Troops

Our O Ambassador students are leading the way in showing their support to our troops overseas. President Obama had recently announced the deployment of an additional 48,000 troops to Afghanistan. This would bring the total number of troops deployed to over 100,000. Our soldiers, many of our families brothers, sisters, daughters and cousins, are brave and noble in risking their lives so that we may feel safe in our country. We are showing our appreciation and helping bring a smile to their faces by writing letters of thanksgiving. It is these little acts of kindness that have the power to bring hope and God's love to others. Please join us as we pray each day for peace, an end to the war and all violence, and their safe return home.


Our Senior Peer Mentors are known as the "F.A.M.I.L.Y." This is an acronym for "Forget About Me, I Love You". They live by the BA rule, "Whatever helps my sister, helps us all." The FAMILY realizes our world's needs are great and they say they are up for the challenge!

Fighting malaria in Africa is one of the key issues on the United Nations Agenda. The World Soccer Players have heard the cry and are doing something to eradicate malaria. They will be speaking out and raising money at the World Cup Games in June. We are joining our voices with theirs by raising money through the purchase of mosquito nets and anti-malaria medicine. It is a two-punch solution by purchasing African bracelets to support the businesses of the African families and donating money raised from the sharing of the bracelets. At BA, we have the passion and the commitment to join Malaria No More and try to eradicate this preventable disease.

Hard As Nails

"When no one seems to care, we can rise from the hard stuff because we know GOD CARES!"
Justin boldly asks, "Are you ready to be real?"... and the school answers with a resounding "YES".

"This school is about the love of God. You are a gift from God. Anger has no power to cast out fear. Love casts out fear. It is a decision we make...

To add to a most powerful retreat day, surprise guest Giants Superbowl winner David Tyree gave special witness to their faith in our Lord. (David Tyree on the right and Mr. Jennings, BA Principal on the left.)
"David Tyree is best known for his `helmet catch' on the Giants' final drive of Super Bowl XLII that was instrumental to the Giant's last-second touchdown and a 17–14 victory. It is considered one of the greatest plays in the history of the NFL." (Wikipedia)
David Tyree says the real great play in his history was when he opened his heart to Jesus. "If you allow Jesus to come into your life, things can happen... Your face is on God's refrigerator and He'll use your story to touch someone else's life!".
It was amazing... our students at BA are amazing ... YOU ARE AMAZING, too!

Teens for Jeans

One person's outgrown clothing is another person's riches. Our baskets are overflowing with used jeans for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Aeropostale is collecting slightly used jeans and sending them to Haiti. For every pair we collect, they will not only give our students a 25% coupon off their next pair of jeans, they will also send a new pair of jeans along with our used pair to Haiti. How awesome is that! Good things are happening in the world. Together we are making a difference to bring peace and healing to our brothers and sisters across the globe.


Shock and horror filled our hearts when we first heard about the recent earthquake that devastated Haiti. Our first response was the BA response. We gathered as a community to support one another and pray for the safety of our families and the people in Haiti. Both staff and students offered comfort, hope and strength to Ms. Michel, our French teacher who had a brother in Haiti, as well as to eight students whose families were directly affected by the earthquake. We prayed the rosary around the clock, believing in the power and hope of intercessory prayer. When Ms. Michel finally heard from her brother days later, she wept with both relief and continued concern for her people. Her brother is one of the many who are forced to “sleep in his car in his backyard” because he is without shelter. Ms. Michel and Father Jack Martin, who is a lead person of the Haiti Solidarity Network of the North East”, spoke to the community about the conditions and plight of Haiti. Donations were collected and made to the Haiti Relief Fund as the first step of many to help begin to ease their suffering.