26 December, 2010

Christmas Prayer Celebration

We concluded the year with the same spirit that we begin each and every day, sacred prayer. Our Gospel Choir led the school community with Silent Night, as the Advent Candles were lit, and our listening hearts were turned to the joy of the coming of our Lord Jesus. Giving praise to our loving God were our grace-filled Praise Dancers. The Service came to a closure with Sister Karin Kracht, OSB singing and playing Joy to the World. Mr. Jennings, staff, students, and alumnae all joined in as we raised our hearts and voices to fill the world with the Spirit of Christmas. Wishing a Merry Christmas to all our family and friends!

Colameco's Food Talk Show

Mike Colameco, chef and PBS talk show host came to Benedictine Academy as an early Christmas gift for Ken Jennings, our Principal, the Staff, and several of the Benedictine Sisters. Inspired by his grandmother, Mike shared his pathway to becoming a weekly television and radio talk show chef. His new book, Mike Colameco's Food lovers Guide to NYC, reveals the inside story to culinary delights. It was a delightful afternoon hearing his family traditions and fond memories of gAdd Imagerowing up Italian. At Benedictine Academy, we believe that the Arts are an important part of our culture.


11 December, 2010

New Jersey Leadership Conference

It was an exciting day as 12 schools came together at NJPAC to exchange ideas, share friendship, and be trained as Jefferson Award High School Student In Action Leaders. The conference focused on team building, development of leadership skills, and youth ethics.

Mrs. Karen Hatcher, Director of Students In Action, gave a historical background on the Jefferson Awards, a Nobel Prize for public service in America. "In 1972, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Senator Robert Taft,Jr. and Sam Beard desired to honor Americans who have performed outstanding public service and inspire others to follow their example." She looked around the room and was deeply moved by the level of enthusiasm that filled the air. She was in the midst of young Student Achievers who were ready to become the new leaders of the next generation. Guest Speaker, Mayor Christian Bollwage challenged the High School Student Leaders to become service champions by having a vision and working hard. Determination and a listening attitude were key to their success. He shared stories from his own experiences and journey to becoming a leader of the city of Elizabeth. The one important message that everyone walked away with was the knowledge that true leaders must have followers, even if it is only one or two people. Without followers, there is no movement. Happy Birthday Mayor Bollwage!

Robert Provost of the Star Ledger shared an inspiring message regarding the importance of having BIG DREAMS. Mr. Provost said, "Small dreams have no power to move mountains... " He then encouraged the students to follow George Bernard Shaw's Vision for our world: "Some people see what is and ask, Why? I dream of things that never were and ask, Why not?" It is the latter dreams that move mountains. Lastly, he shared the ten most important two letter words in the English language. "If it is to be, it is up to me!"

Benedictine Academy was the first high school in New Jersey this past September to become a certified Jefferson Award Student In Action Service Leadership School. We continue to lead the way in forming our students to become leaders and to make our world a better place. A special thank you to Jefferson Awards, the Star Ledger and PC Richards for this amazing Student Leadership Workshop.

Make- A- Wish Foundation

Macy's gives a Million Reasons to believe in the Miracle of Christmas.
Inspired by the New York newspaper editorial in 1897, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus", Macy's has set-up Santa Mail Stations in their stores across the country. For every letter they receive, Macy's will make a $1 donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, up to one million dollars!
Make-A-Wish Foundation grants a wish every 40 minutes to a child with a life-threatening illness in the spirit of joy and hope. At Benedictine Academy, we too believe in the magic of Christmas love. We are writing our etters to Santa and encourage you to do the same. Help Santa make a child's wish come true!

06 December, 2010

Great Leadership Opportunity


"If you are a student with a passion for improving your community, we would like to help you turn that passion into action. We are looking for leaders who are high school juniors and seniors in the U.S., and secondary students in sixth form college or college of further education in the U.K. As a Student Leader, you will participate in:

  • An eight-week paid internship at a nonprofit/charitable organization;
  • A week-long Student Leadership Summit in Washington, DC (July) to gain valuable civic, social and business leadership skills (all expenses paid as part of the Student Leaders Program) ."


03 December, 2010

Museum Of Russian Icons Webinar

Third Millennium Education is no longer confined to a classroom!

This past Wednesday, a webinar was set-up between the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Massachusetts and Benedictine Academy Religion Class.

Our students were able to take a live personalized virtual tour of the Museum to study the history of Russian Icons as an art form of prayer. This was a pilot program that was developed over several months. The response was an overwhelming success. At Benedictine Academy, we believe critical thinking and intellectual curiosity are the cornerstones to learning.

by Alfredo Tadigo

World Aids Day

Pope John Paul II, in his 1995 Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in Africa, put the challenge before us:

"The battle against AIDS ought to be everyone's battle. Echoing the voice of the Synod Fathers, I too ask pastoral workers to bring to their brothers and sisters affected by AIDS all possible material, moral and spiritual comfort. I urgently ask the world's scientists and political leaders, moved by the love and respect due to every human person, to use every means available in order to put an end to this scourge."

Today, we raised money for Catholic Relief Services to send aid to our brothers and sisters across the globe. For every donation, a student or staff member received a red bow to place on our Christmas tree by the Blessed Mother. It was a visible sign to our community that we care and are working together in solidarity to give hope to all families affected by this disease.

Season of Hope

Our preparation for Advent begins with the Advent wreath, candles, and prayerful reflection.
Rev. Peter John Cameron so beautifully shares, "As we enter into Advent, the worries and the wear-and-tear of life remind us just how much we need God. Advent is the assurance of the constant closeness of God, as St. Augustine reminds us:

Life itself was manifested in the flesh so that

what only the heart can see could be seen also

by the eyes, and thus the heart be healed."