28 October, 2007


The Sophomore Class experienced true Sisterhood this past Friday during their retreat at the St. Walburga Spirituality Center with Campus Ministers, Sr. Donna Jo and Linda Michalski. As they journeyed together with Retreat Director, Ed Craviola and well-loved Finding Nemo, our students soon discovered their own hidden unique talents amidst the hardships of their lives. The theme was the Hope of the Cross. They learned the trust and the love of Jesus could be found in the Christian symbol of the fish. All the students were excited to receive their very own live fish to love and care for as a reminder of this fun-filled day of blessings.

17 October, 2007


A fun day was enjoyed by our Freshmen Students as they retreated together at St. Walburga Spirituality Center. Eddie Craviola, our Retreat Director, led our freshmen students down the yellow brick road. Following Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz, they learned to believe in the goodness of themselves, love the good in one another, and lead each other down the yellow brick road to God. Campus Ministers, Mrs. Michalski and Sister Donna Jo, were accompanied by Freshmen Moderators - Ms. Soltis, Miss Murphy and Miss Blender.

10 October, 2007

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

It is Peanut Butter Jelly Time! There are thousands of families in Union County whose pantries are in need of nutritious food supplements. Our students know they can make a significant difference. We are striving for over 400 jars! Working together as a community, this means each student only needs to bring in 2 jars. Go BA!


Justin Fatica
Hard As Nails rocked the Benedictine Academy Campus this past Friday. A special guest appearance by Christian Rapper, 2-10 (a/k/a Oscar), was inspiring. Their messages were simple. Each of our students is made in God's beautiful image and deserves to be treated with respect and dignity... Our young ladies, in God's eyes, are truly amazing... Jesus is #1! It was an emotional, fun and healing time filled with God's Blessings. Our students are already eagerly awaiting their return visit next year.

Peer Mentoring Program is Launched

Thirteen of our Senior Campus Ministers recently attended a two day - 12 hour worshop at the Franciscan Spirituality Center in the magnificent Ramapo Mountains. Enthused and Committed, our Seniors were inducted as Peer Mentors and were anxious to begin meeting with our freshmen students on a bi-monthly basis. Their primary responsibility is to guide and support their younger Benedictine Sisters in their adjustment to high school; in the setting and achieving of high academic goals; and in making good healthy choices.

Remembrance of September11

Our school community gathered together to pray for the 2,932 people who lost their lives six short years ago. Led by our Senior class, we prayed for justice, peace and healing in our world.

The service concluded with the sounding of the bell for 140 seconds. It was symbolic of the 140 minutes that passed between the moment American Airlines Flight 11 left Logan Airport in Boston and the moment the World Trade Center collapsed. May our church bells always be a reminder that there is hope because we have a God who is with us.

01 October, 2007

Mass of the Holy Spirit

Our good friends, Father ST Sutton and Father James Worth
celebrated our opening school liturgy at St. Walburga Monastery.
Father ST asked, "Is anyone experiencing a storm in their lives?"
In an inspiring homily that touched our hearts,
Father ST reassured us that God is with us to bring us through the storms.