20 May, 2009

Inner City Scholarship

Last evening, one of our Senior students had the privilege and honor of speaking at the Inner City Scholarship Fund. Melanie spoke of her dream to become an English Teacher and how she will be attending Kean University to prepare for her dream come true. She expressed gratitude to the Lord, Benedictine Academy and all the generous donors who made a private education possible.
At Benedictine Academy, our Prinicpal Ken Jennings is emphatic about the importance of a quality college-preparatory education.
Mr. Jennings believes in every student and has faith in every student!

18 May, 2009

Peer Mentoring Workshop

This Friday, 13 of our Junior Campus Ministry Students attended a two-day intense training workshop at the Franciscan Spirituality Center in Ringwood, New Jersey. In preparation to become the new Peer Mentors for the School Year 2009-2010, topics such as Communication Skills, Group Leadership Skills, Conflict Resolution Skills, the establishment of Boundaries, Trust, Peer Pressure, and Contemporary Teen Issues were addressed. Our Peer Mentors performed role plays, examined various personality types, and identified their gifts and talents. The name of our Peer Mentors, "the Family". is reflective of our students welcoming attitude toward all their new sisters. Welcome Sisters, Class of 2013, to Benedictine Academy!

Hail Mary, Full of Grace

During this month of May, we pray to Mary, the Mother of Jesus and and Queen of Heaven. Our prayers are carried on the wings of angels and placed at the feet of our Most Holy Mother, who brings them to her Son, Jesus. This past week, our Senior Peer Mentors made beautiful blue rosaries with each of the Freshmen. At Benedictine Academy, we believe in the power of prayer. Ruke says, "In times of struggle, my rosary is my best friend. In times of joy, my rosary makes my faith and belief in God stronger."

09 May, 2009

BA @ Kean University!

As a college-preparatory high school, our students have the unique opportunity to frequent the Kean University Campus and experience higher academic learning. This Friday, our Literary Club participated in a Poetry Fest at Kean University and our Campus Ministry Team Leaders attended a conference on Human Trafficking: Hidden in Plain Sight. Two of our students, Alicia and Chelsea, earned 4th and 6th placement in the Poetry Competition!
Meanwhile, our Campus Ministers met Senator Thomas Kean, Jr.; Senator Sandra Cunningham; Kent Manahan, the Chief Executive and former anchor of NJN; Ralph Marra, Jr., US Attorney; and several other distinguished speakers.
Back at school, Senior Students were taking AP Exams, the French Club was attending a local Cafe' to experience the French Cuisine, and a Lawyer Symposium was held for the entire school community. It was a busy week at Benedictine Academy as our students continue to be formed to become Global Leaders in our world.