18 May, 2012

BA Seniors go to Washington D.C.

The gift of a Senior Class Graduation Trip
to Washington D.C.
was the highlight of their educational experience at
Benedictine Academy. 

"Perhaps the best sight my eyes had seen was the Martin Luther King Jr. monument.  My grandmother had always told me stories about watching him on tv when she was a little girl.  He was such a prominent person in history. When I saw the monument, I cried.  I know that if my great grandmother was alive, she would be so happy to know that I was there."

"I was looking at a giant statue of Abraham Lincoln - the man whose interests weren't necessarily to stop slavery, but to save the union. He believed in the rights of all people, but he also believed in the bigger picture. A country could not properly function if it was going to be divided by those who honored the dignity of the human person and those who did not."
"My trip to Washington D.C. allowed me to see a new side of our world through memorials and museums, but it also helped me understand who I am and where I belonged..."

"Washington D.C. with my senior class was a lovely surprise. The time spent with friends, the conversations that would not have otherwise occurred, and the massive amount of history was a brilliant trifecta from the Washington Memorial to the Holocaust Museum, two of my favorites... I would have loved to go into the Library of Congress and spent days in the Newseum. It was awesome." 

"Thank you MR. DONOR.  It was definitely the most memorable and amazing experience that we will treasure always!  Our only hope is that the other classes will get the same opportunity as we did." Graduating Class of 2012